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Mini advertises that making a request for roadside assistance through this app results in faster service. Not true. I have requested roadside assistance over the phone in the past and had relatively quick response time. When making a request over the app, however, I waited for an hour until the app said there were “technical difficulties” and forced me to call roadside assistance. I called roadside assistance and was advised that sometimes the app cannot find a dispatcher, which causes delays. Apparently these delays do not occur if you call in your request. In my case, it was a delay resulting in me waiting 2.5 hours for a jumpstart! I’m deleting this app immediately and absolutely do not recommend it.

Not Good

I never made it past the setup screen. Every time I put in my VIN the program freezes up.


Doesn’t recognize a VIN. Call the associated number and they can’t hear you. Pretty much useless. I’ll just call the number versus using this app.

Seems basic but functional.

Like that with VIN number it also tracks the date you have access to the Roadside assistance at no cost.

An update 4+ years later now deletes all you info...

v4.0.1 does NOT retain your info. Re-enter info and it seems okay. Log out and it deletes all your info. Perhaps staying logged in is for GPS but there is no info regarding that or privacy policy. The developer should follow iOS interface protocols, i.e., the user ought to be able to customize location services for the app for never, while using, or always. The old version didn't have an explicit log in or location services. When on tapped for a specific service, the app would then verify your credentials either via WiFi or cell service. v3.2 comforting that's it's back. Works with my iPhone 3GS with iOS 5. My profile info was retained. Thanks MINI. 4 stars

Does not work

I had a flat so I used the app. The app said I should get confirmation in 5 min. 10 minutes later I used the # in the app to check in. Turned out the app never sent the compete request so they had no way of knowing I really needed help. Update the app, at least so it tells ppl to just call in.

Awful. Just Awful.

Just doesn't work. Requested assistance and NOTHING happened. Finally called the number and was told there was already a claim underway. Hung up and waited. An hour later a flatbed from a local garage showed up (great guy). No notifications, no anything. Skip the app, just call.

Worst service I have ever experienced

This app is nothing compared to the actual service it provides. When you call in everyone is extremely friendly, however waiting 4 hours for a tow truck is unacceptable. Then rescheduling a tow for the next day and still not having someone show up. That's unbelievable. I'll never use this service again, I can't imagine what would happen if I were in a desperate situation and needing assistance because this service does not provide it

Working fine for me

I don't know if the app is fixed or not but everything is working for me. I bought my mini in Jan of 16, registered it on the app with my VIN number and it found it right away. Now, hopefully I never need to use the app though.

This app is crap...

Can't do anything! Won't find your location. Can't find a dealership nearby. Won't let me register my Mini into their system. Have tried SEVERAL times and I am never successful with this app. Glad I haven't been stranded alongside the road...and am going to be scared when it happens, because there will be no way to call for assistance. Shame on you, Mini

Doesn't work properly

It has all the information on roadside assistance, but the feature to select you problem and contact them doesn't work. You need to navigate to another page and call. Basically, it is a way to store your VIN and their phone number.

Too out of date to be useful

I would rather call MINI roadside using the # on the tailgate than to use this app. As the other reviewers have said, this app is very out of date and won't even recognize the VIN of my 2014 Cooper S. It needs to be updated with the latest VIN codes and tweaked for the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6.

2 Years out of date - unmaintained

This app has not been updated since 2012. It does not support the GPS on an iPhone 5S, it does not work well with iOS 7.

No iOS 7 support, no iPhone 5 support

Really? The larger screen of the iPhone 5 has been around for 2 years and this app still doesn't take advantage. The same is true of iOS 7, still not updated for that. Works ok.

Doesn't work just crashes

Doesn't work

Upgrade looks sweet!

Cool screens, more options for service. But how do I provide feedback for my service? And how do i see service details - looks like they have been taken off?!

Cannot register

I have tried at least 10 times to register my new MINI, but am always refused. Maybe I need to wait until it is an old MINI.

Fixed for iOS 5

Thankfully Mini updated the app for iOS 5. Works fine on my phone.


Stopped working - try to open and it just shuts down and causes diagnostic log. No excuse for this to not be tested on ios5 way before it was released


The scale of 1-5 stars should only apply to apps that actually work. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

Doesn't work on ios5

Buyer beware...

Good Idea Bad App

Plain and simple will not open with iOS5. Looks like it could be a very useful app if it was updated. Very disappointed.

Useless app under IOS 5

Whatever you do, do not download this app. It won't even open in IOS 5. Needs an update.

Useless - won't register

Have tried multiple times to register and it will not accept registration. Many of the features are for "registered users only" -- since it will not accept registration, the app is useless. Don't waste you time.

didn't work well

I renewed my roadside assistance and when I needed it, the GPS functionality didn't work. It just dialed the roadside assistance number. When I talked to a person on the phone, she asked me for all the information that was already in the app and was flipping through maps to try to locate me. We got disconnected and she never tried to call me back. A terrible experience....t I'd find a way to test it out before having the peace of mind that it will be there when you need it.

30 mins

The app launched a call to road side assist. I didn't have the app tagged to my vin yet. I got help within the hour and another callback to confirm whether someone had come as planned. I think I love you mini.

Appears to be useful, but wont accept VIN#

I just purchased a mini cooper and downloaded this app. When entering my VIN#, I keep receiving an error message that it cannot accept my VIN#. I'm getting the information from the sales invoice so I know its correct. Is this a system flaw? If so, this needs to be corrected in order for me to rate it 5 stars. Giving 3 is a stretch at this point. Update Info I found on the website for this app: THIS APP WILL REGISTER MINI VEHICLES MODEL YEAR 2002 AND NEWER. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED A NEW MINI IT MAY TAKE 1-2 WEEKS BEFORE THE VEHICLE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE IN OUR SYSTEM. This explains why it will not accept vin if you just purchased a mini. Good deal.

Great app

Sweet app

Get this now, before you need it!

I just used this product to get a jump start. It works as described, providing a painless interface to getting assistance. GPS locator was off by 1/2-mile but otherwise, excellent. If you have a MINI and an iPhone, get this app, now!

Great idea

For those users who couldn't have their VIN accepted, you need to make sure your dealer registers you with roadside. Call MINI or your dealer and it should be taken care of.

Mini VIN

Boy, in this world of immediate gratification, wait..... Mini needs to record your VIN. Wait a few days or a week. It will work.

Could be useful

I just bought my Mini this weekend so that's probably why it won't accept my VIN. Once it does, I'll give it more stars but it's useless to me right now.

Easy setup, easy to use, cool UI

A no-brainer for any MINI owner with roadside assistance.

App has potential

But I can't review as it won't accept my vin!

Simple but Effective

Have not tried Roadside Assistance yet but everything else seems to work. My only suggestion is maybe a password in case your phone is lost so that thieves don't subsequently target your MINI!

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